Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well, we are very lucky because we get to celebrate 3 Christmases. We celebrated in Naples on Christmas Eve with my Dad Rigo and my Mom Maria. We picked Megan up because she spent 4 whole days with her Wuelo and Wuela. She got to go to the movies and had marshmallow roasts, got new earrings and basically got spoiled all week. There was a party at my aunt's house that we went to. The girls got to open 1 present before we came home (the jammies they are wearing in the video) and the rest had to wait for Christmas Day. We had a long drive ahead of us and got home at 12:30. The girls did sleep in a little, but unfortunately we were not able to. We had treats and taters to get ready for the day. So the girls opened their presents up and had soo much fun. They were very glad that Santa liked his cookies and ate them all gone and drank all of his Rice milk. You see, Santa is lactose intolerant (according to Megan) so we made him vegan sugar cookies and gave him Rice milk.

We then went to my Aunt Delia's house, where we opened more presents. The kids had a blast with all the gifts, so did the BIG kids. Marc got his traditional nap on the couch, it happens every time he's at my aunt's house. The guy with the Wii is my cousin Gloria's fiancee Ramon. My cousin Adolfo got that for THE WHOLE FAMILY, but Ramon thinks it's just for him. Adolfo was my girls Santa Claus this year. We didn't get the girls much this year for 2 reasons, #1 because we really couldn't and #2 because we want them to know the REAL meaning of Christmas. However, we were quite spoiled this year. Adolfo got Megan that Nintendo DS that she has been dying to get all year, he got Maya a tricycle complete with helmet and knee pads. They got clothes, digital camera, beautiful dolls, gift cards, toys, candies and other stuff. They had an AMAZING Christmas thanks to all of the wonderful people in our lives. Thanks to Big Mamma & Big Papa, Nana & Papa, Wuelo & Wuela, Tia Delia, Meli, Gloria, Fonzie & Patty, Monica & Kike, Gloria & Ramon, Tia Dalia & Tio Paco, Adolfo, Nana Britt, Grandad Henry, Hank & Linda, Peggy & David, Paul and anyone else i may have forgotten!!

Then it was off to Mom & Dad Padgett's for Christmas dinner. Check out the band aid on Maya's noggin. She had a rough evening, she ran into the sliding glass doors 3 times, yes I said 3 times. Poor thing, but her Aunt "Piggy" took care of her and she forgot all about it when it was time to open the presents. That's the baby she got from Grandad Henry. The got all sorts of things, I think Maya really enjoyed the chocolate that she got. The other picture is Dad tickling the heck out of Janae, it looked like she was having seizures, it was HILARIOUS!!! Peggy made some delicious peanut butter balls, Mom's dressing was wonderful as always and Maria's carrot cake muffins were amazing!!! We all had a great time, and before we opened up presents Dad read us the Christmas story from the scriptures to remind us what we are really celebrating. It was a wonderful Christmas this year, not because I got some new clothes or awesome make-up I really wanted, but because I got to spend it with family members that I love and appreciate in my life. That was the best part of Christmas, chatting and laughing with my cousins and watching my girls have fun and laugh with their cousins. The greatest we got this year was memories and lots of love!!


On December 22nd Marc and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary!!! I can't believe that it's been 8 years already. I can't remember my life without him, it's like we've always been together. My honey bought me a dozen red roses and had them delivered by a beautiful little girl who said " Suprize Mommy, these ar fo you!" Megan was in Naples with her Weulo and Wuela, so my AMAZING aunt Delia watched Maya for us while we had an evening to ourselves. After a short stop at the Library, we went to Stonewood for dinner and it was DELICIOUS!!! Marc had the filet mignon and he said it was perfect. The baked potato was divine and so were the mashed potatoes!! Then we headed to mall to check out some stuff. We shopped and had a great time just being together.

I am soo blessed to have such a wonderful companion. He does so much for our family and we are very grateful for the amazing husband and father that he is. I know today, just as I did 8 years ago kneeling in front of him, that he is my eternal companion and the man that I am meant to be. I thank my Heavenly Father for giving me such a great man!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


At least finally in our home it is. Monday Maya had a play date with her little friend Anna. Anna wanted to have a surprise party, so Melanie and Anna came over and we made cupcakes, Yum-O!!!! The girls helped put the ingredients in and helped color the frosting; and of course they helped EAT THEM!!! They had fun watching the cupcakes cooks and get bigger. Then we all had dinner , veggie stir-fry and white rice, together For FHE we decorated the Christmas tree as a family , Megan, Maya & Anna helped, while Aunty Melanie and Matthew watched.

Anna decided to be super cute and put on the Santa hat and some cool shades. Of, course my kids couldn't be left out of the spotlight so Megan had to try it too. I think they are flippin' adorable!!! Then it was baths and bedtime. I then got to go to MY friend's house and play. We were going to play Canasta, but then we were having too much fun looking at pics to put on Melanie's Christmas calendars, I think I lost 2 or 3lbs. that night from laughing soo hard!!


I LOVE SCENTSY and I am proud to say so! Thursday I had a Scentsy Party and it was AWESOME!!! We had fun and this product is truly wonderful. For those who don't know what Scentsy is, it is way more than a candle and I wouldn't even classify it with candles. It consists of a beautiful warmer that has a 25 watt bulb that heats the scented wax in a dish right above it. They have more than 80 scents to choose from, some of my faves: Flirtatious, Welcome Home, Home Sweet Home, Clementine Tea, Sunkissed Citrus, White Tea & Cactus, Skinny Dippin', French Kiss ...... oh, there's more but I won't list them ALL! This product is so much safer than candles, especially if you curious kids and a curious kitty like I do. Thanks Mia for introducing me to the wonderful world of Scentsy and thanks Tiffany for being my consultant ( & friend) and helping me get lots of goodies. My house smells AMAZING!!!!! Oh and if anyone wants to order or have a party go to my friend Tiffany's website and have "scent"sational day!!!


The girls are very lucky to have such wonderful grandparents!!! On Saturday the girls got to go to the tree lot and pick out a tree with Nana, Papa, Mimi, Uncle B and the cousins. Then they got to be good little helpers and decorate the tree for Nana and Papa. They had a blast putting ornaments on the tree, dancing and singing. Their cousin A.E. made up an adorable song about decorating the Christmas tree, I believe it's called "We Decorated the Christmas Tree", we'll let you know when the single is out. Uncle Marc was so proud, I think he might have had a tear in his eye, he is the KING of making up songs and enjoyed hearing an A.E. original. Then it was off to change at home and go to our Ward Christmas Party.

Megan got to sing and do the bells for Christmas Bells. Maya got to hold a picture up for The Nativity Song (what a big girl!). The Primary did such a nice job singing both songs. They had 2 stuffed reindeer that the kids loved riding, they had reindeer races. Maya kept petting them and kissing them. They had fun playing with their friends and meeting Santa Claus of course. It was a long day but lots of fun!

The Holy Land Experience

On Saturday 11/29 I went on a field trip with my sister Hermy's World Religions Class to the Holy Land Experience in Orlando. I did not know that this place even existed. It was an interesting place. They had a cool fountain that "danced" to the music playing. There were tours of the Bible through history, a miniature model of the city of Jerusalem, a smaller replica of King Herod's temple, a playground for he kids, and a live Crucifixion re-enactment. Yes, that's right a Crucifixion re-enactment. That was really hard to watch, it makes it so real and really puts into perspective how hard (major understatement) it must have been for our Savior to go through it. It makes me realize hoe much our Heavenly Father loves us to be willing to let His Son die for us. I am very grateful for His sacrifice and the hope that it brings me and my family everyday.

It was nice spending time with my little sister too. She has grown up so fast, I can't believe she's graduating this year!!! It seems like just yesterday I was trying to get that spikey hair of hers to lay flat, but it was actually 17 years ago. Time flies!! She is such a sweetie and I love her lots!!!

BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!! Need I say more?

Well we have started a new tradition, I think last year was our first year, we brave the cold on Black Friday in search for AMAZING deals. This year we were not as adventuresome. We, being myself, Hermy ( my sister), Reina (my niece) and Elma (my niece) hit Wal-Mart @ about 3am. Yep, that's right, we waited for 2 hours by the stuff we wanted to be sure we got it. Marc and I got the girls ( Reina, Elma, Laura and my cuz Meli) MP3 players for Christmas this year. So Reina and Elma waited for those, I waited by the $2, $6 & $9 movies, while Hermy waited in the toy section for Cabbage Patch babies and a Barbie. Then it was off to Target to get a few things, which did not happen because the line at the Target was SUPER long. So we ended up waiting an hour and 15 mins. in front of Game Stop to get a Wii Fit for my cousin Juan's nephew. It was a bit chilly but thank goodness for Starbuck's. Then it was back home to try and stay awake until Maya's nap time. Hermy, Reina, and Elma were BOOGERS and fell asleep, which meant I couldn't. Luckily, my hubby had pity on me and let me sleep when he got home from his golf game. So that was our day after Thanksgiving adventure and it was well worth the lack of sleep and the coldness!!!

THANKSGIVING... or something like it.

Well, this Thanksgiving was definitely interesting. I must also mention that it was my 31st Birthday. Thanks everyone for celebrating with turkey, ham and all the fixins on my special day! Well we started off the day around midnight when we had to take Maya to the ER, she had been feeling ill earlier in the day and had a fever. I was just about to go to sleep for the night, my niece Laura and I had been up making carrot cake and were about to turn in when I felt I needed to check on her. Well, she woke up she had a fever of 103.6 and was freaking out a bit because she was having probs breathing. So, we woke Megan up and loaded everyone in the truck and drove to the hospital. As soon as the triage nurse saw and heard her she said she had croup. She sounded like a barking seal and wanted to hold Mommy a lot. She was such a trooper considering that she felt like pooh. The doc saw her and confirmed that it was croup and took a chest x-ray just to make sure she wasn't getting pneumonia and then gave her a breathing treatment and some roids. So we got home around 3am. I slept on the floor in her room, while her WONDERFUL Daddy drove around on Thanksgiving Day at 3am trying to find a place to fill his little girl's RX. He got home around 4:30am. So we all slept in a little. We decided not to go to Mom & Dad Padgett's so we wouldn't spread the germs. Marc stayed home with Maya while Megan and I went to Plant City to have Thanksgiving with my family. Poor Marc didn't get to go to dinner, but since his Mommy loves him soooo much, she sent him Thanksgiving Dinner to enjoy at home.

We had fun at my brother Marty's house. My cousin Gloria brought crafts for the kids to make, pine cone Christmas trees and gingerbread men to decorate and eat. We ate and talked; and ate and talked. Good times, good times! The kids played football outside and ran around. It was day filled with good food, good company and mostly good memories.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dinner at Nana & Papa's

Okay so we have a weekly tradition, we usually go to Mom & Dad Padgett's house for dinner every Sunday. The girls look forward to it every week, it's special time they get to spend with Nana & Papa. This Sunday Mom made roast beef, mashed potatoes, butter beans, rolls and banana pudding. ( No you guys can't come over for dinner, they're OURS!!!) Well, Maya and Megan both LOVE Nana's mashed potatoes ( as she says, "They aren't for the faint of heart.") they are creamy and delicious, it takes a little coaxing to get them to eat the rest of the food. However, the highlight of the evening was the tickle wars with Papa and the Banana Pudding. Maya was pretty close to licking her plate clean. Here are some pics of them enjoying their yummy dessert. Thanks Nana for a great dinner!!!

Ronald Madonald

So, I forgot to mention that one of the cool things about having Matthew was that he came with his Mommy's car. So I am now Matthewless, kinda sad. :( It was fun having a baby boy in our home. I am also carless. It was really nice to be able to go where I wanted, when I wanted. But now I am back to no car.:( Maya and I went to Wal- Mart as our last Hoorah with a car. She decided she wanted to sit on Ronald Madonald's lap. Doesn't she look cute? She tried to move him and was a little disappointed that he was stuck to the bench. But she said he was really nice! Then we came home and took naps (YEAH!!!) and waited for Melanie to come take my baby ( I mean her baby) back home. Aunty Melanie brought us really nice Hawaiian gifts. Megan ABSOLUTELY loved her pretty bracelet and matching earrings! Maya got a beautiful Hawaiian dress. I got a pretty bag ( I LOVE bags!!) and a beautiful necklace. Marc got some yummy chocolates that we all get to share. I'm glad that she had fun and that we were able to help. She is a wonderful friend and I am very blessed to have her in my life.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

We Have A Baby Boy!!!

My dream has finally come true! I have an ADORABLE baby boy in my home. Matthew is such a cutie. Marc has cute nicknames for him like "Booger Boy" and "Puke Monster", he of course means these in a loving way. This week has been fun with Matthew!!! (Oh, and no I didn't really have baby, he belongs to my BF Melanie.) I am fortunate to be able to watch him this week while she is hanging out on the beaches of Hawaii with her hubby Charlie (you gotta love the travel biz!). So Matthew is mine for a little while. I forgot what it's like to have a baby in the house. He has been very good and is sleeping pretty much through the night. Maya is having a little bit of trouble with it, she's use to it being just her and Mommy. But she is doing a good job of sharing me and always worries when Matthew is crying and wants to give him his binky. So we have enjoyed having baby Matthew with us and will be sad to see him go back home, but I don't think this family is ready for a full-time baby yet. So there you have it!! Our week has been full of smiles, spit-ups, sleeping and HAVING FUN!!! All in all a pretty good week if I do say so myself, and I do.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Yesterday we went to the Manatee Viewing Center, it was fun! Maya enjoyed getting out of the house and spending time with her cousins (thanks Mimi!). Of course I forgot to charge to my battery and only got to take a few pictures ( in the 1st 5 mins. we were there) before the battery died. Maya had fun running around, looking for manatees, crabs and birdies. We even spotted a sting ray. The best part was that Mimi took us this italian ice place called Rita's. It was DELICIOUS!!!! I had a Pumpkin Pie gellati and a Mango Italian ice which were both AMAZING!!!! The girls were very good cousins and were sharing with each other, no pics to prove it though. I can't wait to go back and have some more, I'm thinking Friday for the Fudge Brownie and Saturday for the Coconut!!!

Today we went to Music with Mar, Maya loves Thursdays. My best friend Melanie picks us up and it's off to music class. Maya loves to sing and dance with her little friend Anna ( Melanie's little girl) and Ms. Kelly of course ( her teacher). She's become a bit of a teacher's pet, but who can resist that cute face and dimples, I'm just saying! She was a little disappointed that there was no Madonolds today, but she survived.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Halloween is finally over!! My kids have been hyped up on candy for the past 3 days. I'm waiting for the last traces of sugar to leave their bloodstream, although I suppose those soy hazelnut hot chocolates from Starbucks I gave them tonight won't help much. Megan and Maya were Butterfly Fairies (think Barbie Mariposa). They were sooooooo flippin' cute. Their Mimi threw an AWESOME Halloween Party and they had a blast!! They did a little trick-o-treating afterwards. It was soo cute to hear Maya go up to the doors this year and say "Twick-o-tweet". She thought it was the coolest thing that she got candy just for saying that. We also went to the ward Trunk-o-Treat Sat. night, so on Sunday Maya asked me if we were going to another party to get candy. Now I have to figure out what to do with all of the candy I have in my house.


Well, hello friends and family. Just wanted to keep people updated on what's going on at The Padgett Home (since we're really bad about calling and e-mailing our friends). We are doing well, Marc is still a Superintendent at Mercedes Homes and I'm still staying at home with the girls. Megan started 1st Grade this year and is an awesome little reader already! Maya is now 2 and quite the little conversationalist, I don't know where she gets that from. Both the girls LOVE to sing and dance. We have daily performances at our home if anyone wants to stop by, I'm sure they'd love a bigger audience than just Mom & Dad. Marc is the Sunday School President in the Ward and I am the CTR 7 teacher. We are working and enjoying the time we have with our little family!