Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Well, I know it has been a long time but I figured it was time to update!
I'm sure you are all wondering why my Doodlebug is dressed like this and wearing make-up.......... Today was Wacky Wednesday at her school, so we fixed her hair "wacky" and dressed her up in a skirt (with black pants underneath)her rainbow converse and a little bit of make-up! She's a little camera shy as you can see, J/K! She was even wackier looking when she got home from school, I should've taken a picture of that. Anna Banana also got all dressed up today, they are SO cute!!
So we are doing well here in the Padgett home. Megan is an awesome 2nd Grader and is doing so well at school! She will be 8 in April (I can't believe that!) and is looking forward to being baptized! Maya is turning 4 in June and has quite a personality! She is attending a Montessori school and loves it!! She gets to go with her BF Anna and they have fun together (most of the time). Marc started a lawn business with a couple of neighbors, MJM Landscaping, so if you need some work done please let us know. He is also working at Mercedes Homes (again, I say again because he was laid off April of last year and was unemployed for most of the year) part-time, he was re-hired at the beginning of November and we are grateful for some steady income coming in. I am still at home with my girls and my surrogate kids Matthew and Anna. I am also working on building my Mary Kay business, so if you or someone you know wants to make extra money or just be pampered please let me know, I would be happy to help them out!!
Marc and I received new callings this year. I am in charge of the Ward Bulletin and I am also the Sharing Time Specialist in Primary. My wonderful husband is the Young Men's President and he is is doing an amazing job! I am SO proud of him and the great example he is to them and our children!! Oh, I am also the Ward Camp Leader for the 4th year I think, I LOVE IT!!!
So things were rough, but they aren't so bad anymore and we have faith that they will get better!