Monday, May 10, 2010


So as you may know I am lucky enough to be the Apollo Beach Ward/Branch Camp Leader. There is NO sarcasm in this at all, I truly LOVE going to Girls Camp with these AMAZING Young Women!!! This is my 4th year attending and I hope I never get released!!! I was so proud of our girls, they were wonderful representatives of our ward and the gospel!! The YCL's were great examples and served the other girls as the Savior would have. I was also lucky enough to have my wonderful mother-in-law as my assistant. Now, she has done her share of camping (8 years actually) and it's not her favorite thing to do, but she was a trooper and the girls really enjoyed having her there!!! Another thing that I think the young women really enjoyed was having their Bishop there all week!!! They enjoyed getting to know him and spending time with him! I believe they gained great love and appreciation for him that week!

Another reason that I LOVE Girls Camp is the fact that I get to spend an entire week with my nieces Reina, Elma and now Laura Linda. I love these girls like they were my own and even though I know there mother misses them a lot, I'm glad to spend time with them and watch the gospel touch them while they are having fun, learning and serving!

There were a lot of cool things at camp this year: horseback riding (Joy was a nice horsey), archery, rifle shooting, crafts, chores, path building and much more!! We were fortunate to hear from our Stake President and Pres. Jensen the things that the youth needs to hear and some of us adults also.

There is so much pressure on our youth today and I think that a week at Girls Camp away from the world and all the noise helps put into perspective for them and us that we need some quiet in our lives to feel the Spirit and get direction in our lives. I am very thankful for the opportunity that I had to learn from these young women and for the love and respect that I gain for them year after year!

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